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Harry Lalousis

Photo of Harry Lalousis
Photo of Harry Lalousis


Born and raised in Brisbane Australia by Greek parents, Harry comes from a family with a rich history as restaurateurs, practically raised in a restaurant since he was born. By the age of 15 he was running the family restaurant kitchen in a busy neighbourhood in Athens.

He was the General Store Manager at none other, but the best culinary store London has to offer, Divertimenti.

In 2013 after many years in the culinary business Harry became the official Mustard Sommelier for Maille. His passion for mustard, vinegar and cornichon and how to cook with them in order to create more flavoursome dishes and his extensive study of these and the region of Burgundy France, has landed him in this expert position. Harry creates dishes with mustard even desserts and his relationship with chefs worldwide is based on making them experience mustard from a different perspective.

Two years ago, the French national archives in Paris informed found a document from 1747 where Antoine Claude Maille wanted “Mustard Sommeliers” in his boutique to explain to people how to use his products, all eyes turned to Harry as that was exactly what he was doing, so “The mustard Sommelier” was reborn and he is now the only one in the world to actively exercise this job title. What a weight to live up to!

Today Harry travels the world to talk to consumers and chefs about the power of Mustard, vinegars and Cornichon in creating flavour with minimum effort.

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