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Hampton Court Palace illustration Hampton Court Palace illustration
Hampton Court Palace
29-31 August 2020

Nawamin Pinpathomrat


Nawamin Pinpathomrat is a post-doctoral medical scientist at University of Oxford but unexpectedly a 2018 MasterChef UK Finalist. His crab dance went viral on social media!

Growing up in a traditional Thai household, it was custom for the mother to pass on her cooking knowledge to her daughter. However, Nawamin is one of three boys, the only one to love cooking. His grandmother is his greatest cooking influence, living with her for a few years. That is when he fell in love with cooking and thought the kitchen was a playground.

He hopes to open a charity restaurant where funds would help those who can’t afford medical care in Thailand.

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The one and only, Thai MasterChef UK runner-up, Dr Nawamin Pinpathomrat, has found a perfect solution to merge his medical science knowledge and cooking ability. He proudly presents, his deliciously unique dining experience, “Crab Anatomy”.

On the Masterchef show, this intriguing dish got unanimous, amazing feedback from 3 well renowned food critics and MasterChef judges, not just for the taste, but also the very spectacle of its creation. In his pop up restaurant, he uses freshly caught Cornish Crab. The constituent parts of the crab will be prepared in different ways to best show off their wonderful flavours and textures, using Nawamin’s creative stamp.

“It’s always been my dream to combine the best of British produce with my own Thai twist, supporting local fishermen and farmers in the process,” said Nawamin.

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